Busy Weekend

Posted almost 5 years ago

Last weekend was a busy weekend for me. I did pre & post-show interviews for the inspirational stage play, "The First Lady" on Friday night. On Saturday, I had rehearsal for a film that I'm starring in, entitled, "Soup Bone's Juke Joint". On Sunday, I went back to host the play, "The First Lady". It was great to get out and meet people, and it was a lot of work, but in the end, it was all worth. I made some great connections & had fun in the process. They always say, if you're having fun, it won't feel like work...whoever "they" are.

This weekend has been a pretty relaxing weekend. I was able to catch up on some movies that I've been wanting to see for awhile. I went to Redbox and rented "Gravity" & "The Wolf of Wall Street". These are two really good movies, that I highly recommend you check out. I have to warn you that although "The Wolf of Wall Street" is a good movie, it is a long one. It's three hours long to be exact. Leonardo DiCaprio has this trend of only doing movies that are over 2 1/2 hrs long. If you have the time though, it's worth the watch.

This upcoming weekend will be another busy one for me. On Saturday, I will be going to do a walk for a disease with my radio co-host, Ashley V. Bagley. Later on that night we will be doing pre & post-show interviews for the one year anniversary of the IJTETL (It's Just That Easy To Laugh) Comedy Show, in which we did the interviews last year. I may be going to her sister's birthday party as well. On Sundays I produce another radio show for the ISTA Radio Network called "Pound Bye Pound". It's a health/wellness show hosted by four women who are taking us all on their weight loss journey. You can tune in to that show every Sunday night at 8pm EST by calling 347-945-6025 or online at www.blogtalkradio.com/ista-network.

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